in "La Californie" of Cannes, in the 60's. Jean Michel was greatly impressed with the thought that the camera had the capability of revealing intimacy.

Switching to professional world.

1986 - A random encounter with a journalist working for the newspaper « Le Monde » who liked Sordello's portfolio, resulted in him being the assignement to take a black and white portrait of the Belgian philosopher George Poulet, at his house in Nice. This photograph was featured in 18x24 cm on the back page of the newspaper.

1987 - The international « City Magazine » (viewing Sordello's work on « Cote Magazine ») ask him to take photographs of Barney Wilen - the famous jazz saxophonist who played with musicians such as, Miles Davis, Bud Powell, Art Blakey .…  and who was also the composer of the original soundtrack of Edouard Molinaro’s movie “Un Témoin dans la Ville”. One of these portraits can be seen on the Barney Wilen’s record “French Ballads“.

From 1990-1995, Jean Michel worked at the Cannes Film Festival for the magazine "Le Film Français" but did not draw satisfaction from the experience. Work in this context for him, is quite unfavourable, with few exceptions. It is contemplation and magical encounters, that Jean Michel prefers. Images which are born from immediacy - capturing intimacy and candidness of the subject.

One of Jean Michel's more significant assignments, was to take images for a book commissioned by the Hôtel Du Cap d’Antibes-Eden Roc : "Les Artisans du Paradis" in 2008. The director Philippe Perd, asked him to capture backstage life and the people of this prestigious palace, through compiling an album of photographs almost entirely in black and white. It was published in 2009 by Assouline, with texts by François Simon.

While actively working with advertising clients and various magazines, Jean Michel Sordello devotes his spare time working on experimental portraits, still life and architectural pictures - searching for details and light through a 4x5 inch view camera and large size negatives.

In 2010, after cementing his friendship with Walter Ronchetti, one of the most important French expert in watches, Jean Michel produced photographs of timepieces. These included brands such as Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin ... for the book "Kronometry", Volume 5. Expressed in this book, is the ability to blend the high technology of these watches with the poetic feel of a still life. Released in 2011, it is now used as a reference folio, which demonstrates an artistic approach to capture precise technology juxtaposed with objects.

2011 - In association with two old aquaintances - journalist/editorialist Michel Franca and Patrick Boussu an art lover, he took a series of portraits of 32 international artists living and working on the French Riviera. These intimate images capture the artists in their studios, for the book "Impressions d'Ateliers". Vol. I. Published in 2012.

2013-2014 - "Impressions d'Ateliers". Vol. II. 31 artists.

Jean Michel Sordello likes jazz music and cats.

Unlike the common tendency to establish photography as a competition, this website is the result of impromptu moments. A careful selection of pictures which initiated from encounters with people. It is these spontaneous, unconstrained intervals, that nourish and inspire Jean Michel Sordello as a photographer.