Photography is the memory of our encounters.

Jean Michel Sordello was born in the South of France in 1961.

He was always interested in art from an early age. In 1980, upon finishing high school, Sordello studied art at the Arts Décoratifs in Nice. He had displayed some interest in photography, but it was very much in second place - compared to his interest in painting and drawing. During this period, Jean Michel met Emery Joëssel, an artist and also a keen photographer. It was the beginning of a long artistic friendship and helped to develop Sordello’s great interest in photography. Around this time, Jean Michel produced his first black and white amateur work: portraits of professors and students from his art school.

1985 - One of Jean Michel’s professors (who was also a professional printer) told him about a French Riviera based publication, which was looking for a photographer. Sordello contacted "Cote Magazine" in the hope of obtaining the job. He was successful and began to contribute closely (to this day) to the french « life style » magazine, photographing numerous personalities and taking portraits whilst he was still studying at art school.

In the same year, Jean Michel met the local photographer in his neighbourhood - Michel Van Deborght, who played a prominent part in his further development as a photographer. In exchange for his assistance - Van DeBorght gave Jean Michel free use of his studio which enabled Sordello to spend many hours learning the various laboratory techniques. One day, a client arrived with a number of old black and white negatives of Picasso and Cocteau - probably taken by an "amateur" photographer, at the Picasso villa


Self-portrait in Saint Remy de Provence. 2009 JEAN MICHEL SORDELLO / ARCHIVES 1983-2015